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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Defeating Fear

 A lot of times in any sport, we all have a common enemy. Fear!  This really takes a toll on athletes emotionally, Olympian is here to help.  We often tell ourselves we "can't", instead try telling yourself "I don't want to because I am scared."  The first step to overcome fear is honesty with yourself, others can be a support system but watch out for differences in negative and positive support. Fear can spread like a virus and anyone can catch it becoming part of your cultural environment.  It can hold you back from succeeding or overwhelm you emotionally.  Use your mind to choose how you want to feel by influencing courage into your emotions.  Reading is a great tool exercise for the mind, there are great books on courage such as Courage To SoarA Mind Of Cheer & Overcoming Gravity. Don't like reading books? Check out these movies for motivation & inspiration like Stick It, Bring It On & Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

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